Beyond the Canon

March 6, 2012, 12:54 am
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I came across the photo above on Tony Jones’ blog today.

PS: You know that famous painting, above? Well, it’s not a painting. It’s a hand-colored photograph. Rhoda Nyberg, of Bovey, Minnesota, who colored her father’s photograph and then watched it become a best seller, died last week. From the article:

The man in “Grace” is Charles Wilden, an elderly peddler from nearby Grand Rapids. His serene face was captured at a studio table with a family Bible, a pair of eyeglasses, a loaf of bread, a knife and a bowl of gruel placed before him, his folded hands on his brow in prayer.

I was taken aback by the simple beauty of this photo. Wilden’s faith as it is pictured here is something that I have found myself aspiring too lately. I long for a faith that is stripped of all the complexity that I have allowed to creep in. Yes, it is worthwhile to pursue God in a way that is satisfying to the intellect, but there is a danger in allowing this pursuit to go too far. I’m finding that there has to be a happy medium that appeals to both the intellect and the soul.

This is what I will be working on.

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